Relationship Counselling Training

CPD is one of the ways that we raise the funds needed to continue working with clients so  by coming along to our CPD events you are helping clients access the counselling they need.

Modular Workshop for Working with Couples written by Juliet Grayson

Each module is endorsed for 12 hours CPD by COSRT 

This is a description of Juliet's 12 day modular workshop (six modules of two days each).  Some people will attend this as a whole course, participants are also welcome to attend just for one module or two modules. 

The Modules:
1. An Introduction To Working With Couples
2. Communication and Difference 
3. Sex and Ageing
4. Meeting Their Partner’s Needs
5. Couples and Conflict 
6. Dealing with Affairs

Details for our Couples Counselling Training workshops:

Venue: All of the couples counselling training workshops are held in Weston-super-Mare. They are currently held at: The Grand Atlantic Hotel, Beech Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1BA.

Cancellations: Made at less than 14 days before the course start date will be charged in full.

How to book: Email Claire at

Our relationship counselling training currently available for booking:

Couples and Conflict - Thursday 10th and Friday 11th August 2017

By the end of the course you will have:
• Examined conflict, and different styles that couples use
• Thought about the benefits of arguing, and couples who avoid conflict
• Explored Sue Parker Halls thoughts about the difference between anger and
rage, including hot & cold rage
• Briefly discussed the stress response: fight flight freeze and appease.
• Explored strategies for resolving conflict
• Thought about some issues for the therapist working with domestic violence
• Experienced using a ‘couple pot’ for exploring issues of rage
• Explored some of John Gottmans’ ideas about the Masters of Marriage and the
Masters of Disaster

Price:  £199 if you book before 11th May.
            £215 if you book between 12th May and 11th June.
            £235 full price when booked after 12th June.

Meeting Their Partner's Needs - Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November 2017

By the end of the workshop you will have:
• Understood the 6 needs according to Human Needs Psychology     
• Looked at where you are with regards to these needs                           
• Thought about the stages of a relationship                                            
• Have watched and discussed some video of Anthony Robbins working
• Discussed the ‘imago’ concepts of Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt
• Explored developmental stages (attachment theory), and couple dynamics
• Practiced working with these issues as a therapist

Price:  £199 if you book before 24th August.
            £215 if you book between 25th August and 24th September.
            £235 full price when booked after 25th September.